About D3D 2020 Live

D3D is an annual conference unveiling solutions to the main engineering challenges in software development. We are focusing not only on technical tasks, but are also discovering the latest trends and innovative technologies.

Times may be uncertain, but one thing remains true. There's a simple power in people coming together. That's why D3D 2020 Live is going online this October.

D3D 2020 Live is divided into 4 online meetups. Also, we are going to conduct a Q&A session with AMC Bridge PMO and BA teams to share more useful information about our internal processes and answer all your questions.

Joining D3D 2020 Live, you will not spend the whole day listening to all the conference presentations, but receive valuable information for several hours per day. One day—one topic, one day—one speaker. That’s a good way to stay focused on key ideas.

As a participant of D3D 2020 Live, you can learn more about the latest technology trends in web development and game development with Unreal Engine 4, join discussions on the industry state and market changes that appeared this year, and identify key behavioral patterns on customer projects.

Moreover, don't miss the chance to win a gift from us! We've prepared a special phrase and hidden its four parts in D3D presentations (see the list in the agenda below). The fifth part is among the comments to the latest posts on AMC Bridge Facebook or Instagram. Combine all the 5 parts and send us a phrase you get on Facebook or Instagram. The first one who will send the correct answer will receive a cool prize … a limited AMC Bridge backpack.


Igor Tsinman

Industrial Digital Transformation in Even More Complex and Uncertain World

October 13, 6.30 - 8.00 p.m
Igor Tsinman
President, AMC Bridge

We live in an ever-changing and unpredictable environment. A recent situation in the world has shown that our lifestyle, habits, and plans can change at any time. We have to adapt as our lives and work conditions have changed; the whole industries have changed as well. In this presentation, we will analyze how the engineering software development and related industries are impacted by the global pandemic, try to understand what will be the next move of the technological world, what challenges it poses for us, and figure out how we will deal with them. Along with that, we will try to anticipate the reality in which we will live in the near future.

Audience: The speech can be useful for a wide audience.
Level of difficulty: Basic

Oleksandr Korop

Moving from Writing Code to Delivering a Solution

October 15, 6.30 - 8.00 p.m
Oleksandr Korop
Senior Software Engineer, AMC Bridge

Trends in web development change faster than they can be standardized. To stay one step ahead, it is important to focus on growing tendencies and approaches that are gaining popularity and mix them with proven and robust solutions. During this talk, we will offer you insights into the main aspects of applying a combination of different techniques and approaches to modern web cloud development and possible positive outcomes that it may have. Using practical examples, we will show how to achieve scalable, fast, and high precision demanding products based on technology crosses. Also, we will discuss why solution delivery is important for every developer's growth and understanding of the business values is a must-have for any engineer.

Audience: Web engineers, software development engineers, full-stack developers, and all people passionate about web development.
Level of difficulty: Basic

Dmytro Buzoveria

Behavioral Patterns at Customer's Projects

October 20, 6.30 - 8.00 p.m
Dmytro Buzoveria
Director, Cloud Computing Department, AMC Bridge

Fixed Price or Time & Material contracts still seem to be the most popular pricing models in software development. This presentation is based on the experience of several projects, which were successfully carried out in AMC Bridge with the help of both approaches. We will explore how the specifics of the project affect the behavioral patterns of its participants and look at the most common project issues from different perspectives (customer, vendor, and developer sides). This talk will cover scenarios that enable you to build lasting customer relationships and a productive working environment within your team.

Audience: The speech can be useful for a wide audience who want to delve into the specifics of their work.
Level of difficulty: Basic

Kateryna Hryhorenko

Unreal Engine - Game as a Desktop 3D Application

October 22, 6.30 - 8.00 p.m
Kateryna Hryhorenko
Senior Software Engineer, AMC Bridge

During this talk, we will share our experience in manual and pipe modeling based on Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). You will get the basic description of the project architecture: what types of Unreal Engine elements were used, peculiarities of working with these elements as well as the specific of the memory management in UE. Using practical examples, we will give some tips on camera settings, big data import, mathcore, and collision detection usage. Join us as we explore Unreal Engine (blueprints and C++ development) and the possibilities of working with its elements.

Audience: Programmers, designers, game developers, 3D artists, and everyone working with real-time technology.
Level of difficulty: Basic

Q&A Session

>Maksym Ostrovskyi
Maksym Ostrovskyi
Manager of PMO Department, AMC Bridge
>Pavlo Pavlenko
Pavlo Pavlenko
Business Analyst, AMC Bridge

Pavlo Pavlenko is responsible for discovering, synthesizing, and analyzing information from a variety of sources within an enterprise, including tools, processes, documentation, and stakeholders to develop the software requirements. He is working on AMC Bridge Business Analysis standards and practices integration and coordination. Maksym Ostrovskyi specializes in Project Management system development and improvement, coordination of projects, collection, and movement of information on projects. He is responsible for communication issues in the team, coordination of the work of all parties interested in the project, as well as quality standardization.

The speakers will talk about their areas of work in the company and answer questions from the participants.


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