Let's Talk: First AMC Bridge Meetup. Lviv

  • June 06, 2019

    6.30 PM to 10.00 PM

  • AMC Bridge

    Opryshkivska St, 3



We are delighted to announce our first technical meetup in Lviv! 

We’ll share AMC Bridge’s experience in deploying on Kubernetes and coding philosophy that we try follow. After that we’ll enjoy a nice afterparty with DJ-set and networking.   

18:30 Registration 

19:00 “Kubernetes: Mastering of container orchestration” by Ivan Balan, Senior Software Engineer, AMC Bridge (Chernivtsi) 

How to containerize application using Docker? How to deploy it to container orchestration platform "Kubernetes"? 

Ivan will describe our experience of migrating existing microservice based solution from Amazon Web Services Cloud to k8s and how it affected our workflow, standardized and improved deployment approach with a Continuous Integration and Delivery. Also, Ivan will share pros and cons of using Kubernetes. 

The presentation will cover the basis of technology and will be interesting for those programmers and DevOps-engineers who start their acquaintance with Kubernetes.  

Language of presentation – Ukrainian. 

20:00 Coffee-break  

20:15 “Think Abstract, Write Simple” by Pavlo Bidenko, Tech Expert, AMC Bridge (Dnipro) 

Modern world dictates the need to be agile. You should create things that are maintainable and are easy to fix and extend. Probably you have heard those words many times. And perhaps you feel like GoF patterns are your best friends and you mastered all the 5 letters from the SOLID principles.  

Make sure that you are not wasting your time (and maybe someone's money) on the stuff that you will never use. The common mistake is to use in your code everything that you have just known from that yet another book, seminar or article. So, let's try to find the 'golden mean' that allows you to survive in 'agile' world of development and not to catch yourself in a trap of abstractions. 

The presentation will be interesting for developers who are addicted to perfect coding. Your ideas and thoughts regarding it are much appreciated. 

Language of presentation – Russian. 

21:00 Afterparty with networking, chilling and DJ-set   

The meetup is free. Registration is required. 

Looking forward to seeing you!