3D Development – Is It Difficult?


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speaker photo
Oleh Yanchuk

Software Development Engineer, AMC Bridge.

Oleh has more than:

  • 1.5 years of experience in C++ game development.
  • 3.5 years of experience as a C++ Software Engineer.
  • 2 years of mentoring experience in Campus—the company trainee program.

In the presentation, the speaker will:

  • Talk about 3D programming features.
  • Show what problems 3D programming solves.
  • Share what math knowledge you will need for work.

On top of that, Oleh will describe issues that may arise in 3D programming, tell us how to solve them, and if 3D programming is really so scary.

Audience: students and entry-level professionals interested in 3D programming.

Level of difficulty: Basic

Presentation language: Ukrainian

Venue: Online (MS Teams)

AMC Bridge invites you to the world of 3D programming!  Participation is free, but registration is required.

  • November 18, 2021
  • Live stream