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About D3D 2019

D3D (Demystifying 3D Development) is an annual conference organized by AMC Bridge since 2015. It is a highly anticipated technology event that brings together professional speakers, executives, developers, designers and anyone interested in the latest trends and innovative technologies. D3D conference unveils solutions to the main engineering challenges in software development industry.


  • Robotics simulation: from creation to the biggest difficulties that arise. 
  • Parallel computing: Nvidia CUDA technology with real time examples.
  • Engineering cooperation practices: challenges and importance of collaboration in engineering.
  • Real numbers comparison: significance of proper numeric errors handling in software development.
  • Unity's Entity Component System workshop: creation of simple game based on ECS pattern.
  • Q&A Session with company executives and networking
  • Test-your-skills Session

Our Events

D3D, Tech Seminar


D3D is an annual conference unveiling solutions to the main engineering challenges in software development. We’ll focus not only on technical tasks, but also discover innovative technologies and hot PM issues.



We like to share experience and discuss hot-button issues and ways to solve various software development and QA tasks. Expert speaker + topical issue + smart ideas + hot pizza&cold beer + networking = AMC Bridge Meetup.