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About D3D 2019

D3D is an annual conference unveiling solutions to the main engineering challenges in software development. We are focusing not only on technical tasks, but are also discovering the latest trends and innovative technologies.

Join D3D 2019 to dive into web and cloud development, 3D modeling, as well as to discuss topical software engineering issues and opportunities.


Veronika Demedetska

Robot Simulation from Scratch

Veronika Demedetska
Tech Expert, Senior Software Engineer, AMC Bridge

In the nearest future robots are going to revolutionize all industries from manufacturing to health care. Learn more about modern industrial robots. Discover what is required to create a simulation system for industrial robots from scratch. Get familiar with such terms as Collision detection, Motion planning, Inverse kinematics, 3D vision systems, 3D picking, etc.

Audience: This presentation is targeted on a broad audience including software engineers, robotic programmers, students who want to take up industrial robotics simulation and everybody interested in robotics and AI research.
Level of difficulty: Basic

Anton Hudym

Thinking in Parallel with Nvidia CUDA

Anton Hudym
Senior Software Engineer, AMC Bridge

The computing world is changing and experiencing a fundamental shift toward scalable parallel computing motivated by increasing requirements in industry and science. The CUDA programming model and tools empower developers to write high-performance applications on a scalable, parallel computing platform: the GPU. During the presentation we will guide you through essential GPU capabilities compared to CPU. You will get deeper understanding of NVidia CUDA based on practical examples, learn pros and cons of using CUDA compared to other available GPGPU API.

Audience: The presentation will be interesting for engineers engaged in intensive calculations, design engineers, game designers and game developers of all levels.
Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Alexey Kilyakov

Engineering Collaboration Importance

Alexey Kilyakov
Director, Collaboration Platforms Department, AMC Bridge

Teamwork and collaboration are the foundations which allow company to be more flexible and responsive. This presentation will explore practices, challenges, technologies and our view on the future of collaboration in engineering. We will share insights of collaborative work processes in AMC Bridge from the beginning to current integration practices (PLM, PDM, CAD, etc).

Audience: The speech can be useful for a wide audience interested in discussions focusing on improving business processes based on best practices and lessons learned, project managers, directors of companies, software engineers.
Level of difficulty: Basic

Oleg Kovalenko

The Same, a Bit Similar or Completely Different?

Oleg Kovalenko
Senior Software Engineer, AMC Bridge

Proper numeric error handling is an important but often overlooked practice in Software development. We'll examine the nature of possible issues, importance of appropriate real numbers comparison and the ways to compare objects robustly based on real life examples.

Audience: The presentation will be interesting for software engineers whose activities include any calculations, game developers, QA engineers and math students.
Level of difficulty: Advanced

Alexey Zarubin

Unity ECS Demo Workshop

Alexey Zarubin
Senior Software Engineer, AMC Bridge

The Entity Component System (ECS) is a new official framework for writing highly optimized, data-oriented code developed by Unity Technologies. During this workshop we will share general information about Unity and ECS, show practical application of ECS game design pattern and go through the whole development process: from empty project to the final game.

Audience: This presentation will be interesting for game developers, Unity developers, software engineers and software architects.
Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Q&A Session with Company Executive Board

>Igor Tsinman
Igor Tsinman
President, AMC Bridge
>Vadym Synakh
Vadym Synakh
COO, AMC Bridge


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